Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sawyer Update

I just want to give an update on Sawyer. Many of you know that he needs some extra help with his speech and I'm happy to say that he has been approved for speech therapy in our home. This is really a blessing! We've been praying for wisdom with helping him with his speech. He does attend Macedonian preschool so he hears Macedonian for half of the day and English the other half. God has been very good to encourage me this week with Sawyer's developments. One morning he very clearly told me to "have a good day" when I dropped him off at school:) One thing we've been practicing are shapes. He was eating potato chips and pointed out to me that one looked like a heart. Also he is getting a Mickey Mouse stamp on his hand at school regularly for good behavior. His teachers keep saying that he has great manners, which is really surprising to me!:) The teachers are reporting that he is eating his manja (hot lunch) better! Just want to share my joys with you all!


Haley Grace said...

PTL, Jill, so glad to hear about Sawyer's speech improving, that is wonderful. He is so precious! I like that picture of him holding the resees pieces, haha. That is such a blessing to get a package from home. I won't forget all the packages you sent us, really meant a lot to us. We love you all and hope all is well:). love, Chris, Cher and Haley:)

Anonymous said...


Grams is so proud of you and loves you very much!

Sheila said...

God is so good. Good job Sawyer,
Nana and Papa