Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Roma band at our house

This past weekend was the Orthodox Easter here in Macedonia. This picture shows Sawyer with our neighbor, Eli, cracking eggs. Many people have given us hard boiled eggs dyed red. I was reading online (http://faq.macedonia.org/religion/religious.holidays.html#veligden) that the red color symbolises the coming happiness in the resurrection. I thank my God for the resurrection of Jesus Christ! I'm humming the song now - Oh the wonderful cross- "all who gather here by grace draw near and bless your name"...
Even though the majority of the Roma people living here in Skopje are Muslim, some groups of Roma go door to door playing music for Easter to earn a little money. On Monday, Pepi, my language helper, and I were right in the middle of studying when I heard this loud band playing down the street. A few minutes later they were playing at our home! The band sounded incredible as you will hear in the video clip!

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Anonymous said...

Sawyer looked a little overcome by the "action!" When he comes back to Richmond, he'll be a true TCK! I am thankful to have been a participant in his development here in the US. Also good to see Eric's head as he greeted the musicians. Blessings to you. I am so excited about the baby! love, Mrs. Pat