Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Gjurgovden Picnic in Topaana

Gjurgovden is the holiday celebrating St. George's Day. Here are pictures from a picnic we attended. Roasted lamb was served, which is the traditional food for this holiday. There were also salads, baklava, chicken, burek, and other foods at the picnic. Eric and I had the pleasure of meeting the American ambassador to Macedonia. Sawyer enjoyed playing soccer with the other Roma children at the picnic and we all enjoyed the music. All of the people in the red shirts are the staff at the Roma educational center.

An interesting tradition for this holiday is that many Roma families clean and even paint their homes prior to this holiday. My friend Mamyde and many many others were painting their homes the week before this holiday. Everything looked so fresh and clean! Here's something I read: "Another tradition associated with this holiday is the cutting of tree branches which are placed on the doorways of homes to signify health and happiness for the upcoming year." I'm glad I read this because I've often wondered why there were small branches beside doors.

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