Monday, April 5, 2010

Our last holiday in Macedonia

Here Olivia is wearing her beautiful Easter dress from Grams. I can't get her to smile when I'm taking pictures because she is looking very intently at the camera. :)

Pepi gave Sawyer this chocolate Easter egg. There was a toy car inside!

Neighbors brought by red Easter eggs for the children. The red coloring stands for the blood of Jesus.

With only a little more than three weeks left for us in Macedonia, Easter was the last holiday that we will celebrate here. It was a very non-traditional Easter for us but it was still nice. We had a great Easter service with the Lifeway team that is here. The worship and teaching were led by our dear friend B. Afterwards, we ate sandwiches and chips with the team and then headed home for a picnic in the back yard with our landlords Evka and Blaze.

The custom of the Orthodox Macedonians is to go to the church the night before Easter. They walk around the church three times and then crack and eat eggs. That is what my neighbors were doing Saturday night.

This year, once again, our family continued our tradition of using the Resurrection Eggs with Sawyer. He absolutely loves them and we are just hoping that the truth of the gospel is sinking into his little heart.

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