Monday, August 9, 2010

Multitude Monday

Giving thanks this day...
~for my son's excitement about his new school
~for my husband's employment
~for my baby girl's cute drooly face smiling up at me
~for a completely free (used, but still working) washer and dryer set that we are undeserving of
~for delicious vegetables and fruit given to us from gardens
~for the peace that passes all understanding (Phil.4:7)

For this and more I praise you, my Lord Jesus Christ.
holy experience


Ed and Jamie said...

Wow!! Sawyer is starting school is he in Kindergarten? Where did you hubby get a job? Thats great!!

Jill said...

Hey Jamie,

Sawyer started Georgia Pre-K. He has a fall birthday so he won't start Kindergarten until next year. Eric got a job in Carrollton, Georgia. He's working security.

How are you and the boys doing?