Sunday, July 24, 2011

Book Review: Leading to the Bedroom

Leading to the Bedroom by: David and Katie Reid

This book is an extraordinary guide about intimacy in marriage! I like that David and Katie Reid don’t tip-toe around this important gift of intimacy in marriage. Instead, they focus on challenges of intimacy that all married couples face, but that most authors and teachers shy away from teaching. It was refreshing and very helpful to my marriage for both my husband and I to read the book, and discuss the subject matter. We were challenged in ways we had not been before.

As a woman, I greatly appreciated that at the end of each chapter there is “A Wife’s Take”, where Katie Reid writes about her perspective supporting her husband’s teaching throughout that chapter. The book is chalked full of scripture to back up the teaching as Biblical truth. I greatly appreciate that this book often reminds us that sex in marriage is nothing to be ashamed of. This book teaches that martial oneness through unashamed intimacy and living the gospel out is what God has planned for our marriages. It is a gift from Him!

This book is a very practical must read for every marriage! I highly recommend it!

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