Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Letter "X"

Our Letter "X" recipe was X-ray Vision Chocolate Chip Cookies. They were very yummy!! For more cooking pictures and the cookie recipe, click HERE

Olivia enjoyed painting on letter "X" at the library. Our children's librarian picks one letter a month and I've been trying to go along with that same schedule. Miss Jennifer, our children's librarian, is excellent and we enjoy our storytime with her every Wednesday! There is usually a fun craft or coloring page to go with the story time. Olivia likes making things...especially when paint and glue are involved!:)

Letter "X" books that we read:
My "x,y,z" Sound Box by: Jane Belk Moncure
Flossie & the Fox by: Patricia C. McKissack
Hattie and the Fox by: Mem Fox
A Fox: The Sound of "X" by: Alice K. Flanagan
The Crayon Box that Talked by: Shane DeRolf
The Adventures of Taxi Dog by: Debra and Sal Barracca
I Make Music (xylophone) by: Eloise Greenfield
The Taxi That Hurried by: Lucy Sprague Mitchell, Irma Simonton Black & Jessie Stanton

Bible Story for Letter "X": Crucifi"x" Luke 23:24

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