Thursday, July 3, 2014

Letter "R"

Olivia made Resurrection Rolls for her Letter "R" recipe. To see more pictures and the complete recipe click HERE

Ribbon on "R"

painting the colors of the rainbow

Bible Story: Ruth

Favorite Letter "R" Books:

Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain by: Verna Aardema
Rain by: Peter Spiers (picture book)
Rain by: Manya Stojic
Rain by: Robert Kalan
My Rhinoceros by: Jon Agee
Peter Rabbit Rainbow Shapes and Colors based on works by: Beatrix Potter
Rabbits on Roller Skates! by: Jan Wahl
Little Red Riding Hood by: Margaret Hillert
Little Red Riding Hood by: Harriet Ziefert
My "r" Sound Box by: Jane Belk Moncure
Row Row Row Your Boat by: Iza Trapani
Row, Row, Row Your Boat by: Joanne Oppenheim
Row, Row, Row Your Boat by: Penny Dann
Planting a Rainbow by: Lois Ehlert
Weaving the Rainbow by: George Ella Lyon
The Rainbow Fish by: Marcus Pfister
Mystery of the Lost Ring by: Robyn Supraner
Round Robin by: Jack Kent
Red is Best by: Kathy Stinson
I Dance in My Red Pajamas by: Edith Thacher Hurd
Arthur's Reading Race by: Marc Brown

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