Thursday, September 11, 2008

Eager for school

Sawyer has been very eager to go to school every day! We're so thankful for his enthusiasm! After he is dressed for school he likes to wait by the door to leave for school:) I hope this keeps up!


Teresa said...

Sawyer, you are getting to be such a big boy. Grams loves you!!!

Angela said...

Go Dawgs!

That is so great that he is eager for school. Graycen was like that and she is STILL like that at age 7. Some kids just dig school :o)

Haley Grace said...

GO DAWGS!!! I love his shirt!!! I need one for Haley! I love that he likes school, what a cutie, he looks like such a big boy! So hard to believe how fast time flies. I hope he has a wonderful birthday tomorrow! love you lots and miss you, Cheryl.

Stories and Prayers said...

E,J, & S,
Glad to get your post. Now have you blog. We'll be keeping up with you guys. Hope all is well with you. You know He still works miracles 'cause we're on the field with only a month delay. Thanks for your friendship and talking to Him for us.

PS Go Dogs!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jill--I absolutely LOVE the bed!!! Honestly. I can't believe Sawyer has gotten so big! We miss ya'll SO much. Love you.

Kelly Eason