Thursday, August 7, 2008

Shopska Salad

I made my first Shopska Salad! This is a very popular salad here. At first it seems like an odd salad because it has no lettuce but it's really good. I've never been much of a cucumber fan but in this mixture it is nice. If you want to make your own Shopska salad check out this website
If you're wondering about those small posters hanging on my kitchen cabinets...those are my Macedonian verbs I'm working on memorizing. Our kitchen is going to be full of little posters until I can speak Macedonian!


Sheila said...

Hey, Jill Eric and Sawyer.
Love that salad. Have fun with the verbs. Sawyer's ice cream looks yummy, it is one of my favorites, too. Love and miss you so much,

gary & kimber said...

Your salad looks good. :-) Here there are also many kinds of salad - and I've yet to see one with lettuce or greens of any sort! (Most of them seem to involve mayonnaise.)