Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Reunited with Family

After two years, we were happily reunited with family!

Cousin Tyler & Olivia

Uncle Robert & Olivia

Aunt Lori & Olivia

Our first nice sit-down restaurant meal back in America...MEXICAN!!!! YUM:)

Cousin Alli & Olivia

Grams & Olivia

Nana Carolyn & Olivia

The four of us with Nana Carolyn

4 Generations

MaMa Thomason & Olivia

Pop & Olivia

Pop & Sawyer on the tractor

Aunt Susan & Olivia at the Ila Restaurant

Uncle Dan & Olivia

Sawyer & Buddy

Papa & Olivia

Nana & Sawyer reading Curious George

1 comment:

jdk0103 said...

We're glad to hear that you made it back safely! We know you must be enjoying the precious time with family after not having seen them in so long. We look forward to seeing you guys :)

Justin and Daniela