Sunday, May 23, 2010

Where are the Boyds?

We are in Villa Rica, GA! Here is a picture of the missions house. We are staying here until Eric finds a job and we are able to get our own place. We are thoroughly enjoying the house and the big back yard.

We've been enjoying the back porch and grill.

And here's the backyard and the lake.

The church members put lots of goodies in the house for us and the children, like the exersaucer (picture above) and the cars rug (picture below). We are extremely blessed!

Sawyer is our champion Candy Land player!


Jessica said...

Very nice! It is great to have a good place to stay during this time of transition. Praying that the Lord provides a job for Eric.

Sheila said...

We are so happy you are near and have a nice place to stay.