Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Depression...What does the Bible say?

Depression...Do only the weak have it?...What causes it?...Did people living back in Bible times experience it?...How can those suffering from depression get better?

I know from personal experience that depression is a horrible thing to experience. Back in 2005, shortly after having our son, I experienced Postpartum Depression. It was suppose to be one of the happiest times of my life, but instead, I was filled with anxiety, sadness, loss of appetite, and insomnia. I felt like I was walking around in a fog. Through medication and Biblical counseling, I was able to regain my sound mind and joy in living.

Eric and I started listening to some of Pastor David Reid's sermons online while we were living in Macedonia. They have always been good teaching. A recent sermon series of Pastor Dave's has been about depression. He says that at least 25% of Americans suffer from depression. Women usually display their depression as sadness, but men usually display their depression as anger. Pastor Dave humbly shared his story of suffering with depression last year. He goes into details about how he struggled. In this series, he went through some Old Testament scripture passages about Elijah and Moses to teach how the Bible approaches depression and the treatment of it. I appreciate so much that Pastor Dave is willing to admit his bout with depression when often people just view the weak as suffering with depression. Pastor Dave is a great example that even the most spiritually mature believers can fall into depression. Practical advice is given in this sermon series that everyone should know! Even if you have never struggled with depression personally, I encourage you to listen and learn so that you can help others.

To listen online, go to http://www.peachtreechurch.com/
Click on "Resources" and then "Listen".
There are 5 sermons in the series and they are entitled:
1. Take Heart
2. Rumination Can Ruin You
3. Depression Diagnosis and Treatment
4. Anatomy of a Death Spiral
5. The Neglected Healing of Counseling

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