Sunday, July 6, 2008

found a home!

We have successfully moved into our new home! It is a very cute flat that we are happy about. The washing machine and air conditioner have been delivered and installed! We are waiting still to get internet and phone at home. Hopefully that will come this week.
I have started back cooking after taking a couple of months off during training. I have cooked hamburgers and fajitas so far. :)
I love and miss you all!


Ed, Jamie, Christian and Benjamin said...

Wow! We are so glad that you were able to find a home so quickly. We are praying that you get settled in quickly and that all of the little things fall into place for you guys! How exciting!!0

jbranch said...

What is exciting news! It is great to hear that you have moved in.

Nicole Wilson said...

hey friends!
glad i saw your blog listed on your facebook... i love reading blogs!
keep telling stories! even the little ones! it really helps people keep up with you...