Thursday, July 3, 2008

We are here!

We're excited to be here in Skopje, Macedonia! Things are going well for us. We had a great sleep last night after an exhausting trip. Today we started looking for an apartment. We have found two great options so far that will be very comfortable for our family. I think we will make our decision tomorrow. Betty says these are our priorities in this order:
1. find a home
2. find a babysitter (there has been a recommendation of a lady that has kept other American children. We will meet her soon. She speaks English so we will be able to communicate well with her.)
3. learn how to best travel the city
4. start language school
Yes, we are actually going to attend a language school now. Before we were just considering getting a tutor but it has worked out best for Eric and I to attend a school for three months of study. Afterwards we will get a tutor to help us as we continue studying the language on our own.
The weather here is very hot but we have a.c. in our hotel room. :) That is a big blessing. Oh and both apartments we have looked at have a.c.
Once we get settled into our new home we will try to get internet. I'm in an internet cafe right now.


Ed, Jamie, Christian and Benjamin said...

Yah! We are excited that you arrived safely and hope that you are able to get settled soon! Can't wait to hear more!!

gary & kimber said...

I'm so excited for you all! I'll be praying about school and about the babysitter for Sawyer! What language will you all be learning?