Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Yummy Burek

We are so grateful for all of your encouraging emails! They help us know we have not been forgotten:)

Our stomachs are still adjusting to our new foods but other than that we have been doing really well! Pepi watches Sawyer three days a week for us. She is wonderful with Sawyer.

I am very blessed to have a great neighbor Ellie. She and I went for a walk tonight with our boys in the strollers. I'm so thankful to have found someone that wants to walk. Ellie showed me an alternate way to get to the river and she showed me another playground for Sawyer that I had no idea about! Sawyer was very happy there playing with the children. He is SO incredibly social! That is the main reason that I am planning to put him into "kindergarten" in September. We have visited the school and I am pleased so far with what I see. I asked the teacher what he will need to bring with him. She said "only pajamas". I learned that they actually change the children into their pajamas for naptime. :) So cute:)

I have to mention a food here that Eric and I love. It's burek. It's a flakey type of pastry. There are different types of burek, like pizza burek and burek with meat, spinach, or cheese. It's hard for me to get through my thick head that burek is a breakfast food! Every day when I want burek I eat it for lunch or dinner. Until this week I did not understand why every time we go to the bakery they are almost sold out of burek. Then I learned that it's a breakfast food so we've gotta go early! Other popular breakfast foods here are boiled eggs, cheese, yogurt, and bread with spreads.

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Jennifer Hambrick said...

Jill, I was so excited to receive your email newsletter and found your blog link in there.

I was amazed to read thru your posts and get brought up to date on where you are and what the Lord is doing. We will be praying for you!

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