Thursday, July 17, 2008


I, Jill, have now started language study. I ended up getting a great private tutor. She is wonderful! We are close in age so it is really fun! I've been studying the alphabet and a few beginner phrases. The language is very complicated to me but I hear that many other languages are harder than Macedonian. It is close to Russian or Serbian from what I read. When I've been practing phrases sometimes my teacher will suddenly start laughing at me! I immediately know I must have made an "opa". Some funny phrases I've said without meaning to are "I get burned" and "He's peeing". Of course I was trying to say other things but that is what came out in Macedonian! Yikes...this is going to be an interesting journey! Eric has not started his Macedonian studies yet. The school he is wanting to attend has not started classes yet (still summer break). Meanwhile he is looking for a male conversation partner.
Tonight we went to eat at a local grille. It is only a 2 min. walk from our home, which is great! It's very delicious and the prices are very reasonable. After we ate we went by the bakery to buy bread to have for breakfast. Sawyer and I just returned from a walk by the river. We love and miss you all. We are still without long distance calling capabilities at the present time. We do have a webcam and skype though so please let us know if any of you want to talk on skype!


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Hey there! WOW! I am loving reading about your life there! We are on SKYPE also, so feel free to skype us if you just need a taste of the ole seminary housing full of kids-scene :o)

On skype we are: nathananddangela